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Production Report made easy.

WrapTime is digital version of department daily time sheets, that allows crew members and/or department heads to enter in-times, lunch-times and out-times on a daily basis. The great advantage is that once all times are submitted, ADs can seamlessly complete the production report.

UPMs and accountants can have timely access to data, and there is more...

How much time you wanna spend on a PR to make it right?

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Welcome to the new era

So much more than paperless

Cumbersome to track down, hard to read. Using paper out sheets is bad for so many reasons. We believe that moving into a digital and paperless-office its not just about going green but to improve the efficiency of the workflow, that should include daily time sheets!

WrapTime Benefits

With WrapTime you can collect out-times in a matter of minutes. Crew members will submit their out-times from their phone, tablet or computer that will instantly upload to the wrap time console.




feel the power of taking control

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Ultimate Crew List


Stop asking production for the latest Crew List or sorting through emails to find the most recent PDF. With WrapTime you will be able to contact anyone on set...and YES even day-players who you need to contact most. 

Health Check Point

One more thing...

Part of the Pro WrapTime Subscription, your crew members will be able to use the app to answer covid-19 survey questions and through the console you will be able to check who is cleared and not cleared.


WrapTime in action

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1st AD

We have used the WrapTIme app on four feature films in the past year. The app has been a very user-friendly way to streamline daily time sheets, production reports, and has both saved hours of overtime, and added hours of sleep, for our Assistant Directors. We look forward to using WrapTime on every project because it makes our lives so much easier.



Wrap Time is an incredible application. We’ve been using it religiously on all of our productions for the last year and we couldn’t do without it. The app finally streamlines the process of collecting crew in and out times and transferring them to the production report.



This App is an asset for any production team working on set. Wrap times for every crew member and department are immediately input and send directly to the PR for the AD and Production team. This has become an integral part of my projects and never do a new show without it.


Set Lighting Technician

WrapTime was a huge relief for me as a best boy to be able to instantly input times for end of day production reports as opposed to the old method of filling out a daily time sheet and taking a photo and sending it to the production office. Then having the ability to bring up the departments in and out times for weekly timesheets helped speed up by end of day and end of week paperwork duties ten fold.


Craft Service

I have used Mirakle Crew App and have found it to be very easy and simple to use. I would recommend it to any production. It will make filling out your time card so much easier and worry free.


MakeUp Artist

This App is very useful in keeping things organized and on schedule with in and out times. Very straight forward and easy to use. Highly recommended.

  • What is the "console"?
    the Console is the part of the app that allows administrator to download the data, give the permissions, control the crew list and much more, the administrator are usually ADs, Prod. Coord., UPM, accountants. PAs sometimes.
  • What are the challenges with going digital?
    With every new technology there can be resistance among certain crew members to change the way they have been doing something for years. Once crew members begin to use the app for a few days it will become like a new habit. We suggest to send mass text/emails once wrap is called with the link so that people can easily login and don't forget.
  • How long does it take to setup?
    We can have you setup and going within a day. The training is relatively easy but there is a small adjustment period of learning something new so we advise that you get setup a week prior to shooting.
  • Does it work on my phone?
    WrapTime works on any device, phones, tablet, computer, Android, iOS. Is a web app that means that if you add it to your Home Screen will appear as a installed app with an icon in your Home Screen otherwise you'll use it through your browser.
  • Will it work with my PR template?
    Once everyone has submitted their out times an EXCEL file (.xls) will be generated with the info needed for the Production Report. You can easily copy the times from this file into your own PR. In addition to the .xls file you can download a PDF for each day's times. If you want to go a step further, the PR can be fully automated with the help of our team.
  • What percentage of the crew use the app?
    You have the option to allow everyone on your crew to use the app or just the department reps responsible for out-times. Crews will appreciate being able to use it individually because then they can look back at their times when filling out their time card and get access to the updated crew list.

Quick Links for subscribers

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